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Classes & Retreats

A class is the perfect way to start your practice of Orgasmic Meditation. Taught in a group seminar format, you learn all the basics of the practice of OM and the philosophy behind it. Spend the evening with a Certified OneTaste OM Trainer. See our calendar or contact us (0404 832 141) to find out when the next class is happening near you!

Private OM Training Sessions

You want to learn OM and want some personalized, individual guidance? Bring a partner or friend with you to a private OM Training session!

It may look easy at first. We call it simple, not easy. At the beginning of your OM practice, it’s all about technique and the amount of time you spend on your practice.

Personal OM Trainers give you the guided expertise you’re looking for. Just like a trainer at the gym gives you a better workout, our certified OM Trainers give you direct guidance and feedback to ensure your OM practice is attuned. Receive important information about ergonomics, how to find the “spot,” and how to maximize sensation. Receive personally tailored exercises to improve your stroke and get the most out of your OM.

OM Trainers work by the session—have as few or as many as you’d like. Most people feel the effects after just one session, with OM becoming much more focused and sensational. Hiring your private OM Trainer will ensure that your practice is focused, attuned and lending you to optimal growth. Learn Orgasmic Meditation your way.

OneTaste Coaching

We teach Orgasmic Meditation (OM) and everything that goes with it. OneTaste Coaching is the “everything that goes with it” bit. You see, as you think about starting to OM and begin a practice of OM, your life begins to shift. You begin to feel desire, sometimes for the first time. A OneTaste Coach is your “guide” through the land of OM, sex, relationships and more. They help you understand what you want and expand from there. Begin to learn OM your way. In and around the practice of Orgasm, we teach men to be mindful men who are connected to their intuition and power, and women to live unwavering in their desire, empowered and unapologetic! While working one-on-one with a certified, OneTaste coach you find that things in your life begin to shift. You notice that the things you want in life seem to present themselves to you….and life just seems a lot more pleasurable. Each coaching package is personalised. We offer coaching in series of 3, 6 or 12 sessions — all designed with your particular needs in mind. Start with a free exploratory session, where our certified coach will get to know you and uncover what is best for you. Together you will craft a package tailored specifically to your personal desires.

Prem is a facilitator at OneTaste Sydney, the head Desire Coach and Director of OneTaste Sydney & Melbourne. She has spent the past ten years in an intensive study of orgasm, desire, communication, psychology and relationship. Aside from teaching OneTaste Courses, as a coach she specialises in helping both men and women live deeply in connection with others, having it just as they want it.  Prem also works with Orgasmic Meditation practitioners to help them take their expereince of the practice to deeper levels. She has a straight-talking approach in the most delicate places so that the turned-on life her clients desire can reveal itself to them. She is passionate, fast paced, intuitive and highly experiential.

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Community Events

OM is a world wide movement about connection. There is a community of OM practitioners you can connect with locally and in many places you might travel to globally. Taking a OneTaste class or doing a private OM Training session includes free membership to the OM Hub, an online social network for OM practitioners to connect and share their experiences. We host regular community get togethers at the local level (for OM practitioners only), and you can join our local MeetUp groups to find out about all upcoming public events.


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