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Triibe :: Connect

February 18 @ 1:00 am - 5:30 am

Connection is the sweet, soulful experience of being seen and met in deep presence with another.

It is the skill most desired, and the most elusive, and often the least understood.

I N : T H I S : W O R K S H O P: Y O U : W I L L :

* Be introduced to the practice of Circling (a relational meditation practice)

* Learn to share your deepest self vulnerably to build meaningful experiences with those around you.

* Leave with new distinctions that help you to become an empowered, elegant, and embodied communicator.

* Explore how to hold intensity in your body when experiencing conflict and difference, so that these moments become rich opportunities for learning.

* Skills to stay connected to yourself without collapsing in to another

* Practices to discern and excavate your deepest desires for your life and relationships, and the tools to express that into the world with greater impact.

Why do we need this work?

Your relationships can get so much juicier, deeper and more meaningful… if you know the tools to do so.

Old models of relating such as people pleasing, trying to be perfect, self-protection and defensiveness are often painful or dysfunctional with diminishing returns.

W H O : I S : T R I B E ?

At the heart of Triibe is the desire for a more beautiful world that we know is possible.

For us this means juicy connections, turned-on relationships, deep and powerful community, meaningful and abundant lives; rooted in a stance that is generative and contributes to the greater world.

Your ability to elegantly relate with others, and within the world, will determine how beautiful your life can be.

We are interdependent beings, we need others… and besides life is just so much better when it’s shared with people we love!

Triibe teaches you how to get better at connection, through a large toolbox of principles and practices.

You may already be in a relationship that inspires you. You may already be a strong leader and have community around you. Triibe will meet you where you are and increase your capacities for self-awareness, deep connection and embodied presence.

Join us for this mini-workshop so you can see what the buzz is about and have a taste of what’s to come in our 7 day Triibe :: Embody retreat in April

Triibe: Embody – Retreat (https://triibe.earth/embody-bali-retreat)

M E E T : T H E : F A C I L I T A T O R S

P R E M : K A L P A
I’m a passionate teacher, coach and meditation practitioner, committed to living in and from desire and teaching others how to do the same.

K H A L I : Y O U N G
I’m a coach finely attuned in the art of communication, conflict resolution and committed to individuals expressing their unique essence into the world.

For any questions about this mini workshop, please contact Facilitators,
Prem Kalpa 0404 832 141 or Khali young 0409 052 507

* R E G I S T R A T I O N


• What to bring ::
1 or 2 Cushions to sit on, pen and journal


February 18
1:00 am - 5:30 am


Triibe :: POP-UP HQ
Abbotsford, Australia