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Morning Practices ‘Free’

June 2, 2017 @ 10:00 pm - 11:30 pm

Orgasmic Meditation is a consciousness practice that focuses on the genitals. There is currently training available here in Australia, in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Byron Bay and wide community of practitioners to practice with once trained.

We hold a very clear and tight “container” or structure to the practice, meaning the practice is EXACTLY the same whether you are practicing with another practitioner in New York, LA, Paris, Denmark, Melbourne or Sydney.

What Happens Beforehand- How you are asked or ask someone to OM

AS well as…

During the 15 minute OM- the timing of when you sit down, how you speak to each other, the timing of when the stroker puts on their gloves/lube, how the OM is finished and what is shared afterwards,  is a clear, repeatable structure that yields  sustainable results over time. 

We teach this in a structured way, which is very different to other sexuality practices, for both people to feel safety, so that they can let go and experience “flow state”. Scientific Research shows that if a person can not get out of their Center of Vigalence (in the Brain, the center of control) the likelyhood of  entering into a state of Orgasm, or flow is very inhibited, largely for the male brain and completely for the female brain. Therefore, we understand and practice a structure within OM that creates safety and consistency every time, no matter what.

Training by a certified OneTaste Coach and Instructor is necessary to attend events and be a part of our Social Network on Facebook.

You can download a How to OM pack, called OM Essentials for free online here onetaste.us when you select the “OM FREE” tab. To attend Morning Practice and other OM Practitioner events, you will need to be either privately trained in the practice, or attend an Intro To OM full Day course which is offered in the above cities.

To inquire about training, contact Prem Kalpa 0404-832-141    or

For more information online go to: onetaste.us

Australian events and are listed here: onetastesydney.com

MORNING PRACTICE – Morning’s, Monday – Saturday

Morning practice consists of 2 x 15 minute OM’s (Orgasmic Mediation), 25 minute Fear Inventory (a journaling practice to empty out negative subconscious thoughts, which we use in coaching), 15 minute Guided Meditation and then a group check-in.

It’s a really beautiful way to begin the day by getting connected, feeling emptied out in the mind and filled up in body.

Everyone OM trained welcome (*Completed Private OM Training or Intro To OM Course.

We would love to see you here.


June 2, 2017
10:00 pm - 11:30 pm


OneTaste Sydney HQ
45 Oxford St
Bondi Junction, Australia