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Level 1 OM Training- Sydney

April 14 @ 5:00 am - 8:00 am


OM is sweeping the world currently because more and more people are becoming awakened to the fact that there is ‘more’ available when it comes to intimacy and connection in all of our relationships.

The Philosophy behind the OM practice is one that we can use as a map in all of our relationships, to develop deeper levels of intimacy, connection and flow.

People OM because they desire to:

⚑ Feel more connected, to themselves & to others.
⚑ Feel more confidence & higher levels of vitality
⚑ Feel more in the Orgasmic State
⚑ Feel more comfortable with their body & self expression
⚑ Cultivate greater focus & capacity for attention
⚑ Have more pleasure in their lives

The OM practice is simple, specific and repeatable, focusing on the clitoris, the female center of power and pleasure. Every OM is set up the same way so participants can stop thinking and instead follow the feeling, listen to their bodies, and be present.

OM Practitioner Training is the perfect way to learn the basics of OM and the philosophy behind the practice, which you can map over any area of your life where there’s connection involved.

Once having completed the training you will have access to practitioners world-wide, to continue your OM journey where ever you travel.



⚑ An introductory to OM philosophy – a way to live in flow state, fueled by desire and in connection.

⚑ The difference between climax and orgasm

⚑ An understanding of what is required for the body to enter into The Orgasmic State

⚑ Techniques to move your attention from your head to your body

⚑ Skills to increase sensation in your body ⚑ Female anatomy and how to find “the spot”

⚑ The Steps to OM

⚑ Stroking technique

⚑ How to ask for what you want, from the voice of your desire


• Sessions 1 & 2: OM Philosophy & The OM Practice

90 minute session.

Available in-person or on Skype.

• Session 3: Coaching and fine tuning your practice

30 minute session.

Available on Skype.

Cost $549

*Higher levels of training are available, once having completed this Introductory level of training.


Text 0404 832 141

Email info@onetastesydney.com

Someone from our team will reply shortly.

MEDIA coverage of Orgasmic Meditation:

Featured by the Today Show, the New York Times, Deepak Chopra, Tim Ferris’ Four-Hour Body, ABC’s Luke Warm Sex, Marie Claire and more, OM has helped thousands of singles & couples to have more connection and intimacy in their lives.

“We look forward to showing you a new way to appreciate the breadth & depth of your Orgasm, so you too can have the same. “

Prem Kalpa


April 14
5:00 am - 8:00 am